Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Lilies are in bloom!  There are a few varieties in my flower garden, but don't ask for their names.  I can tell you where they come from, but that is all!  The top one is a day-lily.  It has bloomed before, but only a sprinkling here and there.  I can see as with all my lilies, this is a generous year.  Seems like they enjoy the weather we've been having.

Both these red lilies were bought in the states.  The pack was only called 'red collection'.  There is another stunning lily in the collection but it is a later blooming one.

Another 'nameless' variety, help me out if you can!  This one was also bought in the states, and has done wonderfully well.  Last year it had countless flowers on the stalks. This year I have been able to divide it and share with others from the bulbs.

This beautiful pale pink lily was dug up from one of my sisters' clumps this year.  
One of the first lilies we had, this one was accidentally left behind when I threw out a bunch which were overtaking a patio plot.   I am glad of it though as this kind is a favourite of mine. 

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  1. WOW !! Is all of your back yard a garden?? They look awesome!