Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Projects

I haven't posted student work in a while.  Here are some of the projects we've done in the last few months.

Block printing -- the picture is etched in foam board, inked with a roller and pressed on to the paper.  These turned out really well, I thought!

Tempera painting -- a block of cardboard was used to make the tree and their thumb-print for the snowy owls.  The details were added with a fine line marker once it was dry.

Polar bears -- torn paper art.  No scissors were used.

Polar bears again; this time out of air dry clay.

Valentines day mobile -- quilling idea, though out of larger strips.

Yes -- I still have a Nativity scene in my classroom. 

 I was going to put it away for the year when I found it thus arranged.  I thought it too cute!!  
As adults we like to make a pleasing scene where all figures are seen; kids have different thoughts.  Someone arranged it so that all figures were huddled around the baby Jesus!  
As it should be!