Monday, August 30, 2010

Apples for Fall

Here and yonder, high and low,

Goldenrod and sunflowers glow.

–Robert Kelley Weeks (1840–76)

...and apples!

It is that time of year!!  Love it!  Apples, harvest, cool days, cooler nights -- what is there not to like about fall?
This apple is one of a few gorgeous ones from a small Norkent (I think) apple tree in our back lawn.  They were early this year.  Normally we have to wait till almost frost before we pick this variety.

Apples are more abundant in the apple orchard.  This is another variety, also picked in late fall, and according to our former gardener, after frost.  We have a few of these trees and they are loaded with apples this year.

Apple cider, pressed today, not yet from the larger apples, but from Rescue crab apples, picked here and in town.

Who can resist to taste it??

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010


It's been awhile since I've posted.  I was gone for a few weeks, came home to a conference, and then spent the better part of last week cleaning at home and at school!

The visit to the states was a nice summer break for me.  It was great spending time with my sister and family.  Being there for the arrival of a new baby girl, Amara Caitlyn was special.  No pics though -- sorry.  I left without a camera and regretted it not only at my sister's but also at the conference. (Blackberry pics though!)

I came back to Canada the day before the conference so I had to stay in the Winnipeg area, attend the conference (3 days), and then come home.

The conference was great.  I hadn't been to one of the ICHE conferences in a few years.  The session choice was good.  There was a nice selection of sessions in all subject areas that I was interested in.  I regretted not making it to some of the history ones, as I was keenly interested in the topics offered.  Had to forsake them though as I needed educational ones more. We are a private school and don't come by these sessions often.

I enjoyed meeting up with old friends and networking with colleagues. The vendor content was interesting.  I have ordered some sound, wholesome literature from Prairie View Press.  Can't wait for it to arrive and have ready for the beginning of the school year.

Also on display was a great selection of Hutterite art, mostly by high-schoolers.  Photos on community life were on display and to purchase, and amazingly, there was an area where Hutterite art was being demonstrated; spinning, pottery, basket-weaving, and painting.
Had a wonderful few weeks and am ready for some serious planning for the coming school year now.