Monday, August 30, 2010

Apples for Fall

Here and yonder, high and low,

Goldenrod and sunflowers glow.

–Robert Kelley Weeks (1840–76)

...and apples!

It is that time of year!!  Love it!  Apples, harvest, cool days, cooler nights -- what is there not to like about fall?
This apple is one of a few gorgeous ones from a small Norkent (I think) apple tree in our back lawn.  They were early this year.  Normally we have to wait till almost frost before we pick this variety.

Apples are more abundant in the apple orchard.  This is another variety, also picked in late fall, and according to our former gardener, after frost.  We have a few of these trees and they are loaded with apples this year.

Apple cider, pressed today, not yet from the larger apples, but from Rescue crab apples, picked here and in town.

Who can resist to taste it??

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