Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spruce Woods Sliding

Last Friday our Grades k-7 students went sliding at Spruce Woods Park.  The trip was much anticipated as last year's  trip was forfeited for skiing with the older students.  
We left after 9 and stayed until 4.  We were summoned home on account of a storm coming in and roads being closed.  Well, roads were fine and we missed the blizzard that blew itself out before we got back.
The park features the nicest sledding hill ever.  No lift taking you back up, but that is fine for those of us who see it as a form of much-needed exercise. 

We used an assortment of sleds, with a favourite being a huge home-made one! 
(always kindly loaned by Acadia)  That is the only one I am brave enough to go down with as the size and weight make for a smooth ride.  Yes -- there is the one bump that is never missed but that goes with the fun!
Of course, there is the trek back up again, which for me is the deciding factor on how often I actually slide down.
The scenery is spectacular! 
We picked what was going to be the warmest day so far.  Not quite true, but it was still in the warmer range, around -10 degrees C.  There was a bit of a wind which was especially felt at the top of the hill.  Great that it was on our backs coming back up again. 
The site also has a skating oval, hockey rink, and curling area, all in the great outdoors, free for all to enjoy.  The kids really enjoyed the oval. 
And whoever said curling required brooms! 
These little guys surely didn't have any. 
Call before hand and fires are lit in the cabins!  So much appreciated.  That means that we always have a place to change wet clothes and to warm up for another round of fun.  The cabins also housed our food supply for the day including hot chocolate and coffee.
Old newspapers can still be enjoyed!  2005!!  
Someone is kindly saving newspapers to light the cabin fires with.
As you can see by the pics, the skies were varied, from bright sunshine to overcast, 
changing throughout the day. 
 A fine way to spend a winter day indeed!