Monday, February 20, 2012

February Fun

The weather has been just gorgeous.  This winter has been storybook perfect.  Sometimes I admit I miss the snow and cold, but that aside, the weather has been perfect for outdoors activities.  I have never seen kids get so much out of sledding, their main hill -- a ditch by the school.  Normally the snow is too deep for sledding around here. This year, the children have been using their sleds and toboggans since the first snowfall.  They have been using the hills not just for sledding, but also as a skiing outlet.
We went sledding as part of our Valentine's Day fun.  The sledding hill at Spruce Woods Park is closed this year due to absence of snow.  Another in Brandon that was contacted is also not open.  That was good news to me (I don't like any field trips!) though the kids absolutely love spending time at the sledding hill in Spruce Woods Park for a day.  

We have a decent hill going down one of our larger sloughs.  Valentine's Day was balmy so the snow was almost too sticky at first, but after a few runs, the going was good!
Of course, I spent my time refereeing the gang.  Kids see no qualms in coming back in the same path as the others are zooming down.  How they manage without adult supervision in their own time is beyond me.
After a half hour of sliding fun, we came back to school, ready for games and snack. 

 In the morning for math time, I had a few games ready to play.  The 'Ten More'  was a great one as my Grades 1- 3 are learning about math strategies now.  It was simply throwing a die and adding ten more.  I  had the younger students use a bead frame until they got the pattern.

You can find the game here.

 I tried to have a variety of activities for the day.  This was an easy craft I found which everyone, kindergartens included enjoyed making.