Sunday, August 22, 2010


It's been awhile since I've posted.  I was gone for a few weeks, came home to a conference, and then spent the better part of last week cleaning at home and at school!

The visit to the states was a nice summer break for me.  It was great spending time with my sister and family.  Being there for the arrival of a new baby girl, Amara Caitlyn was special.  No pics though -- sorry.  I left without a camera and regretted it not only at my sister's but also at the conference. (Blackberry pics though!)

I came back to Canada the day before the conference so I had to stay in the Winnipeg area, attend the conference (3 days), and then come home.

The conference was great.  I hadn't been to one of the ICHE conferences in a few years.  The session choice was good.  There was a nice selection of sessions in all subject areas that I was interested in.  I regretted not making it to some of the history ones, as I was keenly interested in the topics offered.  Had to forsake them though as I needed educational ones more. We are a private school and don't come by these sessions often.

I enjoyed meeting up with old friends and networking with colleagues. The vendor content was interesting.  I have ordered some sound, wholesome literature from Prairie View Press.  Can't wait for it to arrive and have ready for the beginning of the school year.

Also on display was a great selection of Hutterite art, mostly by high-schoolers.  Photos on community life were on display and to purchase, and amazingly, there was an area where Hutterite art was being demonstrated; spinning, pottery, basket-weaving, and painting.
Had a wonderful few weeks and am ready for some serious planning for the coming school year now.  

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