Monday, July 5, 2010

Field Trip

This year's field trip for my students was to Souris Manitoba.  I take my class there every few years mainly so that all the students have a chance to experience searching for rocks in the Agate pit.  We had quite a full agenda this year.  Leaving at 9, we had the forenoon planned for the Hillcrest Museum, Victoria Park, and the swinging bridge.  That was a bit too much as most of the morning was spent at the museum.

Hillcrest Museum --used to be the family home of Squire Sowden, bought by the town and turned into a museum.  The museum houses a butterfly collection collected from all over the world.  


We managed a walk across the swinging bridge, and I as usual was the last over, and had to be on the bridge by myself.  No amount of reasoning helps me cross over with the group.  The river is quite deep this year with all the rain we've been getting.

After a picnic lunch we went on to the swimming pool.  I was disappointed that the water was too deep for the kids to enjoy the fun slides, but they enjoyed the wading, splashing, and water sprays.

From the pool we went to the Rock Shop for a quick lecture on finding rocks and the different types to search for, and then on to the Agate pit.  The pit is a working gravel pit, and we need a permit from the shop to access it.  I didn't get photos but there were some beautiful and interesting specimens found as usual.

Pontoon Boating resting on the Souris River.

For our finale we went on a river boat ride.  A guide took us for an hour long ride on the souris river on a pontoon boat. A soft voice on the speaker system came on every few minutes to share bits and pieces of history along the river.  That was such a calming ride with classical music playing, had I been able to stretch out I would have slumbered through it.

Snoozing on the way home, with a pail of rock treasures collected at the pit.

It was another great trip to a small Manitoba town.

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