Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This morning we made Easter baskets. This is a tradition in my classroom. We make a basket every year and add a few dyed eggs. On the last day before break, I add a few goodies and hide the baskets somewhere in the school. Since our school isn't too big and there are a few areas which are off-limit, the kids know where abouts they can search. They love that and know that if they find someone else's basket it remains a secret.

These are the baskets we made today and the link to where I got the instructions from. This is a cute little basket, a bit more sturdy than others I've made and fun to make. The folding and making of the basket is a great activity. I folded one for a template and the grade 2 and 3 kids used that to know where the score lines go. They then helped the younger kids with their baskets when they came back from German school.


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  1. Those a rereally cute! I do much of the same thing every year, but I bought little baskets one year and I use the same ones annually. And, I wait till after Easter when the candy are half-price...or 75% off...