Monday, March 29, 2010

Herbal Ointments

Anything herbal interests me. Years ago I was introduced to Maria Treben and her herbal book and remedies. Her name kept coming up by people who believed in healing herbs. I finally found her book, Health from God's Pharmacy, and was hooked. I know many of her stories seem far-fetched to some people, but I admit, I believe what she is saying and like trying her herbs. I would like for someone to introduce me to all the plants. I'm sure they could all be found locally.

Yesterday afternoon I made an ointment from calendula. This has been put off too long and should have been done ages ago. Well here it is. The herbs have been standing on the kitchen window for a while now infusing in the warm sun.

Beeswax is from our own beehouse. I like using ingredients that are accounted for locally. Here is the recipe for any adventurous soul who wants to dabble in cosmetic making naturally and chemically free.

For a write-up on the healing powers of calendula, check out the Maria Treben link in my side bar -- Common herbs and their uses.

Herbal Ointments

Use dry herbs only

1. Cover the herbs in olive oil and let them stand in the sun for two weeks. Shake two times every day. In two weeks time, pour the oil through a clean cotton cloth and squeeze out the oil.

2. For each quart of infused oil, use 4 oz beeswax.

3. Preheat beeswax. Warm herbal mixture to 120-130 degrees F, add melted beeswax, stir well and pour into containers.

The mixture may be re-warmed if it isn’t the right texture.

Use throw-away items as much as possible.

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  1. Interesting. The containers look really professional...and great!