Monday, March 22, 2010

Student's Pysanky

These are my student's versions of Ukrainian dyed easter eggs. I used the same dye as mine, however we did not use the candle and kiska. I went through my sticker containers and picked out what I felt will survive multiple dye baths. I picked smaller designs with distinctive shapes.

Some did not work and we peeled them off before the second dipping. I also found some magic (wax) crayons left over from some cheap dyeing kits we used last year. Those worked wonderfully well. I liked them better then the stickers, but as they are clear, it was difficult for the kids to see where they went with them. I think next time I would use all light coloured Crayola crayons.

This was fun for the students as egg dyeing always is. Now on to the baskets tomorrow.


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  2. Wow....these are beautiful. Aleda recognizes one she made, and mumbles about not seeing second one :)