Monday, March 15, 2010

I found this poem on the net looking for a 'puddles' poem. I just had to get a splashy one for this weeks's focus poem as this is what 'WE' live for these days.

Is it not?

And why wouldn't it be? This is the scene from the school doorway... and this is what greets us all on the way to school, at recess, and on the way home.

I was going to wait for a picture of a few kids in a puddle, skirts hiked up, gingerly threading through the icy water. However; Chris took matters into his hands and forbid the kids to be in the puddles during school hours. So that is that!!

We will see how that is taken:)

In The Puddles

Rain bashing, rain crashing,
In the puddles, children splashing,
Mother's tongue has started lashing,
Everyone is wet!

Rain slopping, rain stopping,
In the puddles, children hopping,
Mother's hands have started mopping,
Everyone, I bet!

Sun waking, sun breaking,
In the puddles, children quaking,
Mother's arms have started shaking,
Everyone, she'll net!

Sun applying, sun drying,
In the puddles, children crying,
Mother's breath is now a sighing,
Everyone's upset!

Sun gleaming, sun scheming,
In the puddles, children steaming!
Mother's smile, now is beaming,
Everyone's her pet!

© Ernestine Northover

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