Friday, May 28, 2010

More Blooms

Despite the rain and clouds (or inspite of them!) things are really growing well.  Though I close my eyes and turn my back to the wind and the over-running gutters flooding my little gardens, a walk around them confirms no harm done and things growing just fine. 

Bleeding Heart

I would like to spend time in my larger plot.  Haven't even dug around it yet!

Bergenia --
 Destined to be thrown out this spring, but then it outdid itself!  It was so beautiful and still is, even with its' fading blooms.

The first time this plant has bloomed for me.  The flowers are tiny, as far as clematis go, but so pretty!

Lady's Mantle

I did dig up my 2 patio plots and now know why I never do.  It took a glance through a plant book to remind me that I had a Japanese Painted Fern and it just happens to be gone!!  I didn't realize that something was still missing when I worked the soil.  Here's to hoping it shall still show itself.
Limon -- an annual and new for this year.  It was given to mom for a Mother's day gift!

Found in my sister's yard -- a robin's nest.  Every yard has one.  Not?  
...And not too far off was a parent, patiently waiting for me to get out of the way.  
It couldn't make much of a raucous with it's mouth full of grub!

Wishing a fine weekend for all!

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  1. 'Twas a nice walk through your garden....girls brought home a bleeding heart bloom, they press dried it....I was impressed how beautiful it turned out!!