Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blooming Fun!

Plants are slowly but surely starting to show their colours in my backyard.  I like checking up on things;  there's something new popping up everytime I walk around the lawn.
Cushion Spurge -- gorgeous this year!

People have different names for this; my sister calls it Joseph's Coat.

Ferns -- a favourite of mine!  I love the woodland look.

Perennial Anemone -- another favourite.

I shall be going now.  There's digging to be done and lawn to be mowed!


  1. looks beautiful! I just love flowers and gardening :) Planted my Glads last week and can't wait for them to show :)

  2. I'm not much of a 'knowledge' person when it comes to flowers. I have all these books with flowers but haven't taken the time to appreciate them...this dismays my mom a great deal!!

    I love your card slideshow at the bottom. They are lovely. I buy my cards from thrift stores as I need them...:(

    Do you need a hardback copy of Persuasion? I found a beautiful copy the other day. I DON'T need it...have enough already! I have this problem saying "no" to books even when I have them's so annoying!!