Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bit of crafting

Did a bit of card making this weekend.  My sis wanted cards for very belated wedding gifts.  I had to make some that kind of  went with the gifts and not the wedding.  (too long ago)

So this is what I came up with.

And this is all you get to see as the cards have been delivered and I erased my pics!!

The pancies are from notecards.  I bought them because I just love the art of Marjoline Bastin.  I cut out the image and used it for MY cards!!  Love the colours as that is one thing I have not been successful with -- colouring my stamps!

This card was made on a whim.  I love the bird stamp and was going to do a flowery branch.  The paper lent itself to simple beauty and I left it this way.

Good night.

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  1. I think you might very much be a Charlotte Mason kind of person...with a bit of Beatrix Potter and Gene Stratton Porter thrown into the mix...