Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wetland Wonders

Walk through the wetlands with me.  

We are surrounded by sloughs and pot-holes of many sizes.  With a borrowed camera around my neck and thunder clouds looming, I was out walking this afternoon.  I visited 5 different sloughs and caught a few of the water birds with the camera.  I had hoped for less common varieties, but it seems they have not all returned from the south.  I was surprised to find a few grebes mixed in with the common ducks.

Red-winged Blackbird, a sure sign of spring, always one of the first birds to return.

Seagulls!  'nuff said!

Seagulls again with canvas-back male and female.

Male mallard in flight.
Male Northern Shoveler.

Mallard again.

Canvasback pair and a red-necked grebe.

And another common spring sight -- boys in their Sunday best trying to launch a raft!

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