Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Birds of the Wetlands

I like walking around the wetlands with my binoculars.  I never miss to go out and do the April/May Bird count for SEEDS with my students. 
In the last few days I got my hands on a camera with a zoom so you'll be presented with some of the images I capture.  

I'll admit, I know how to turn the camera on, zoom in and out, and focus!! -- That's it!  But for now that is all I need, as I am not that much into photography as I am in Nature.

Blue-winged Teal, male and female

Blue-winged Teal-- male
You can actually see the blue wing which is only visible when the bird is in flight!

Canvasback male

Following will be a few pictures of a mallard pair.


...and a killdeer, 
I found it's nest -- empty still, and wouldn't have known it was there, had it not made such a fuss!

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