Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paste Paper making

The workshop on paste paper making was fabulous. I just wish I'd taken photos throughout the process. But since I didn't, I will post links which I found which go through the steps exactly as we did. The only thing I'd change is the paper we used.

We used construction paper, and it worked well, but I'm not too sure of the archival quality there. As I plan to work with photos with some of the books for myself and my students, I need it to be acid free.

The paste we used was wall paper paste, that I have since found out is acid free. We added acrylic for colour.

The process is wonderfully messy in an easy to clean kind of way. I was excited about this cause I don't think my kids get dirty often enough in Art. They will definately enjoy this.

The pics are of the paper I made and then of books which the instructor had on display. All are hand made and all the designs you see are paste paper designs.

The green book is mine which I completed yesterday in class. I so enjoyed learning about traditional book-making techniques.

If anyone is interested in the process, I added the links to a blog roll at the bottom of the page.


  1. I see two book I recognize!! interesting to learn about traditional book binding. I have books so old that they’re being held together by mere threads…

  2. Yes, they are lovely old books. Ones where the texture and make is a as inviting as the content!