Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Haven't been uploading in a bit.  So here goes.  I bore you with more blooming favourites.  
The above pics are both catchflies.  (The flowers are sticky, hence the name.)  The one to the left is a native wildflower growing in a ditch.  The pink one on the right is it's perennial cousin, probably a hybrid or from another locale.
Gadzania -- one of the few annuals you will find in my little patch.

Peruvian daffodil, spider flower, or basket lily.
This is a quite fool-proof bulb.  It is fast growing, and multiplies each year.  The bulbs are lifted for the winter.

Hope for Humanity rose
The roses all love the weather we've been having. do the hostas!

This house plant is new.  I have only had it for a few months (Thanks Susie) and have forgotten the name.  It is one of the most elegant plants I have seen.  Love how the bloom grows on the long stem.

edit -- The plant is a Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose).  I shall call it by its' common name.  It does look like a primrose.
Here is a website with info on the plant 


  1. Glad you like it.....just remembered to check in on you here....its been a while. Its a shame, but it looks like I have to visit your blog to see all your beautiful flower selection.. I'll have to make a point to visit flower gardens more.....

  2. Some lovely the plant a Gloxinia?

  3. The plant is not a gloxinia. I did my homework; it is a cape primrose. It has now had the same blooms for about 3 weeks and has no sign of wilting. I added an info link.

  4. Yes I remember now too!! it is a streptocarpus of course...and what lovely blooms. xx

  5. Mind you I then realized it is the same family as gloxinia!! We used to grow both when we had a smallholding in Somerset.