Thursday, January 20, 2011

Full Moon at Dawn

Waning gibbous -- 98% full.  Or so says my moon watching widget!

I saw this scene as I glanced out the back window this morning before school.  I had to run for my camera and try a few shots.  
Gorgeous view though bitterly cold.  I hope this spell snaps soon.  

If nothing else, it keeps us inside.  
I don't even find the energy to get out for a cup of coffee with friends and family these days. I just decided that I might, but no -- at 9:20 PM, people will not appreciate my company!
And no -- of course I do not go for walks!  
I must say I felt guilty an hour ago when I heard my parents come back from their's. 

This book was a much appreciated Christmas gift from one of my sisters.  It was my first read of the year and  made me search the library for other L. M. Montgomery books.  
I decided on the Emily series and was not disappointed.  It has been years since I read the books.  A great read though I picked them out of the school library.  I do not know of many juvenile literature authors that I enjoy and won't even review most.   
I would not recommend the video series if you enjoy the books.  They are nothing like the books which is a shame.  Hopefully someone will see the value in the series and remake it into a truer version.

The basket above was another thoughtful gift.  
It was immediately filled with the want-to-read pile that litters my bedside cabinet and drawers.

Now what will it be -- Elizabeth Gaskell (a late used bookstore find) or George Macdonald?

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  1. You know, I just decided that going bookshopping with you would be a great error. We'd fight over the same books..;)