Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have had two full days!  Yesterday was really busy and I accomplished a lot.  I did some fall-cleaning, washed windows, picked late herbs (chickweed and calendula) before it's too late, and did odd-jobs around the house.  

Today we did the Terry Fox run for cancer -- almost 10 km and I am done for!  We had a great day for the run, the weather was great; sun was shining, and the fall scenery was gorgeous.  What a nice way to get out and actually see the area.  Walking with friends and seeing everyone participate adds to the experience.  Enjoy the pics!  (blackberry only)  

We live in pot-hole country as you can see.  The sloughs add variety to our landscape.  

The following area is protected nesting habitat by Ducks Unlimited.  It is not accessible from April to August and after that only on foot.  (as the sign says!)

An abandoned homestead -- what a lovely setting!

We did not get beautiful fall colours this year.  The leaves wilted and fell off on most trees.  The outstanding coloured trees are rare.

There was a tractor and trailer for children and anyone else who wanted a bit of a lift; and a drink and snack offered half-way through was welcome.

What a great way to spend a fine Sunday afternoon!  Have a nice next week!

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