Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn Wood's Ramble

I was visiting with my sister's family at Macgregor last weekend.  Glad we took the time for a walk in the nature trail along the river.  I love the area.  It reminds me of the woods and the river of my childhood.  (now this makes me sound ancient!)

Following are pictures I took along the way.  They are all Blackberry pictures; and with the help of picnik boosted to the gorgeous colours we really got to enjoy!
White Mud River
Ha!  Yes, this pic was boosted, but lovely none-the-less.

 Another view of the river.
 Fallen leaves on the ground.
The groomed path through the woods.  I would have liked to take the path less walked; through the woods, carving my own way.  But I guess this way, everything else is left undisturbed. 
I have been told that this portion of the walk is still native grasslands -- impressive if so!
 And these two pics are originals -- I didn't change the colouring.  The fungi covered logs were so beautiful as is.

Moss covered log -- if it inspires you, then maybe this will also.
I should like to try something of the sort. 

I should like to try something of the sort. 


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  2. that moss rug looks interesting. I'd love to have one myself!