Monday, September 21, 2009

My Class! Self Portraits

This year there are 10 students in my class. That is 2 down from last year and I certainly notice the numbers already. My class is younger this year and I really enjoy working with them. I am waiting for German school to begin to really start my Math program. With 10 kids in as many levels, it's hard to teach to specific needs.

The picture in the post is self-portraits that the kids drew and painted. It was quite a challenge as there were no erasers involved. They caught on really well and just drew with confidence. They weren't stuck with trying to get the image right! I told them these are fun pictures and they can make themselves however they choose!

Presenting -- My Grade 1s, 2s, and 3s!

Love their paintings!

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  1. Those are cute! BTW, do I know you?

    Your profile doesn't give a location.

    You are most welcome on the author recommendations. I've been building a library for years and my love and knowledge for books just continues to grow...I'm going to a booksale this week yet! I'm very excited...I can't wait to dig! But the teacher's decided to make a budget and stick to it. (Sigh). And the books are FREE the last day of the sale. Do you live close by? Maybe you could come?