Friday, February 26, 2016

Canadian Postcard Project

As part of a National postcard project, our school received almost 80 postcards from across Canada.  This is a wonderful way for students to learn about our great country.  Following is what we will send out next week along with a photo taken by a visitor to our colony.

Hi from Minnedosa, Manitoba.                                                                                     
Our school is located on the Odanah Hutterite Colony.  We are a k-12 school with 38 students and 5 teachers. We have 10 students in our k-2 class this year.
We love celebrations!  Some of the special days we celebrate each year are beginning in the fall with the Terry Fox Run.  We have it on a Sunday and our whole community participates.  We walk, jog, or bike the 8 km section around our colony.  Even younger children are part of this event.  They get to ride in strollers, bike carts, or on a tractor and trailer.  It is a fun way to get out and enjoy the last days of fall.  
The annual Christmas concert is a great get-together before the Christmas break.  Valentine’s Day is also eagerly anticipated and each class has their own party. In the spring we have a music concert to share the student’s accomplishments.  Our k-3 students have voice lessons, grade 4s piano lessons, and 4+ have piano, guitar, or flute, and also get voice lessons. 

Our school does not have a gym so our students spend a lot of time outdoors.  Phys. ed. class happens outside unless in extreme weather conditions.  There is a hockey rink right behind our school and skating and hockey are a big part of recess and Phys. Ed.  Other winter sports are skiing and snow-shoeing.  Soccer, hiking, biking, and baseball are some summer activities we like.   

Our community’s main income comes from grain farming and a metal fabricating shop.  The shop manufactures metal products like construction fencing and dumpsters. It also laser cuts metal parts and welds for other companies. 

The land around our colony is unique; we live in a wetland area that is covered by hundreds of sloughs.  We get to see all kinds of water fowl returning in the spring.                 


Odanah Colony is 4 km from the small town of Minnedosa.  Every winter the grades 4-12 students go skiing at Minnedosa Ski Valley and the grades k-8 go bowling at the Minnedosa Bowling Lanes before the spring break.  Minnedosa has a few small shops, a pharmacy, Co-op store, post office, library, and hospital.                

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba.  It is home of the national museum, The Museum of Human Rights.  The museum’s purpose is among other things to educate the public on human rights and respect for others.  The museum is featured on our stamp.

All our students enjoy learning about the different communities in Canada.  


  1. Haven't seen a post from you in a while. Great post! Love the aerial view of your colony.

  2. You got to blog on this topic before I did! We look forward to receiving your postcard.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I wasn't aware that the blog was still being read. Last year was kinda rough on me. I was actually surprised to see that I never posted and curiously I simply didn't have the energy nor motivation to.

    Elma, It took a bit of doing for me to sit down and write the card, so I decided to use it as a post as well.