Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Art

Between stealing moments of watching the Olympic games in Russia we have actually been doing some work.  :)  I have tried to tie in the Social Studies with this very exciting period for sports enthusiasts.  Definitely and effortlessly we are getting the citizenship and pride of your country covered. 

Getting to see the symbols and anthem in action has also been a great experience.  Though not normally involved, I do like to see how Canada does on the world stage.  Very well, I would say!!

We are doing a mini-unit on Russia and I found this great art project on pinterest. We have been seeing these giant Matryoshkas (How Russian!) on the slopes in Russia. 
After painting a background, we traced, drew and brightly coloured the shapes; cut them out and pasted them to the background.  The kids really enjoyed drawing the designs and colouring them... and who's to say that a Matryoshka can't have horns?!

Now for a taste of traditional Russian Music and costume, here's some lively music...

I found this video along with other activities at this site.  Activity Village

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