Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Crafts

Today is our last school day before Christmas.  I spent the morning finishing of things with the kids and doing a last minute practice of our song 'The Huron Carol'.

The picture shows a few of the crafts I did with my k-3 class this year.  The stars, (2 kinds)  were from a German site.
One of the stars begins with a triangle and one with a square.  They were manageable for my Grade 1-3s.

The angel was from a little PM guided reading book, 'The Christmas Tree'.  I read it with some students and they showed the other children how to make them.  Cute and pretty straight forward.
The Craft above comes from this website. 
It has the Nativity story told in poem form on one side and the pics to go with it on the other.  The whole thing folds accordion style into a decorated mirror compact.  Of course the kids loved it.  Enough so that it is not being be-gifted by some of them.  They want it for themselves!

Tonight is the school concert.  It promises to be a great affair -- lots of singing which is a highlight to me.  I shall try out my new flip video camera and see if I get anything worth posting.

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