Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Books

New books in the classroom!  I brought them in, put them down, and the kids were there.  They enjoy going through them as much as I like going through the tables at the Rotary book sale in Brandon.  There was a great variety of books this year.

I liked how the two boys were so into the non-fiction book on building bird houses.  Even the girls kept coming closer for a look!  One kindergartener found a spot under the table near the books to browse and 'read'.  The book-loving readers found one they liked and drew back to a quieter place with it.

I used to go through the books and pull out the good read-alouds.  Not anymore.  They now pick and read the books themselves if they see it before I read it to them -- otherwise they will not.  So I get better mileage out of them this way!

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  1. Books, books...they love 'em. I think if we'd have all 4 walls covered with books they wouldn't mind it one bit. I guess it is to expect.... one can go places, reading books.