Monday, June 21, 2010

Soapstone Carving

Friday morning we had a visitor at school doing soapstone carvings (Native American) with all the students.  The carver was of Metis origin and it was such a great experience for the students.  He had a blanket spread out on the floor on which he sat and all his supplies were laid out on it.  We all (me included) sat around him in a semi-circle.

I was amazed how successful the students all were with the little fish charms they carved.

When the students were almost done the first guided carving, they each got 2 more small slabs of soapstone and made a design of their own choice; some choosing to copy one of many that were on display and others their own original art.  This leaflet was made by one of the grade six boys and was so good.  There was a whimsicalness about it which was so original .

I joined in and was as immersed in the task as the kids were.  It was nice to sit back again and follow along rather than being the instructor.  The stone was great to carve.  We used files of different sizes and scouring pads to polish the finished art.  Following is the piece that I made with the instructor's guidance.

Much to everyones delight, he finished of by drilling a hole through the pieces and supplying a crude twine for a necklace.  These have been proudly worn by the students whether or not the shape is identifiable!

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  1. nice fish, simple and beautiful, and also significant.