Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The busiest time of year again.(or maybe the most unpredictable) Every year I strive to keep it simple at school. I try to limit crafts and activities and keep to my schedule as much as possible. This year is no exception and as always, I have to change things around in order to get some practicing and crafting done.

Just now my students left for some singing practice. This gives me a few minutes to spend on here.

For the concert, I am doing a play, 'Jesus' Christmas Party', and a poem recital of 'What shall I give him?' with the ASL interpretation. We will only begin practicing in earnest next week. This week we are doing the story as a big book. That, I hope will make the memorizing of the lines easier. I wasn't going to do a play, but kids love being on stage and my students are no exception, so I gave in and am doing a play I did successfully before.

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  1. That play practice really is something, isn't it?! We are doing a version of The Christmas Carol with the whole school involved...all the way down to the 1st graders! (That's 10 students).

    Let me tell you, I will be more than relieved when all that is over!! We are having our program on the 22nd.