Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have been on a reading spree the last few weeks. I find that during the school year I cannot concentrate on longer more intense reading. So I really enjoy the holidays and find myself scouting around for potential authors of books I might enjoy.

I search through the library, book-sales, and thrift shops for reading materials. It is surprising how few of the classic authors are to be found in the local library. I shall have to visit with a book list of works to be borrowed from other libraries.

Lately after watching a few Jane Austen movies I have reread some of her work. I learned alot about the time period and now am looking for other regency era novels. Any ideas for uncommon authors would be appreciated.

On the side...if you do watch Pride and Prejudice, make it the 2003 version and not the newer one. The 2007 video featuring Kiera Knightly is too modern and much of the charm is lost.


  1. Oh, I love Jane Austen and the whole Regency Era. I also love books and booksales, thrift stores and rummage sales!!

    I have a few modern Christian Regency era novels of suggestion. I loved Julie Klassen's 'Lady of the Milkweed Manor' and Linore Rose Burkard's 'Before the Season Ends'. They also have other books out but that's only how far I've gotten.

  2. Hi,

    Have you tried Elizabeth Gaskell? She writes a lot like J. Austen and is from that era. Also Elizabeth Prentiss, Kathleen Norris, Amanda Barr and Augusta Evans. One of my all-time favorite old books is The Lamplighter by Maria Cummins. Have you heard of Gene Stratton Porter? I think you'd like her. Oh, there are so many! These are all authors from the 1800's.

  3. If you like Harold Bell Wright you will love his "The Shepherd of the Hills." I think it's his most popular work. I saw one at a garage sale this past week but I already have one and just gave another to friend...I simply don't have room for all the books out there!

    I saw that you lived in Canada...guess you can't come to the booksale with me.